McDonalds Calorie Counter

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Counting calorie in food is important to weight loss and weight control as all excess food we eat is either use or store as body fats. The more calorie in the food we gain more weight.

McDonald’s Calorie Counter

McDonalds Calorie Count and McDonalds Fat Count

McDonalds Calorie Count

Serving Size (g)Calorie Count   (kcal )Fat Count  (g)Carbs Count  (g)Protein Count (g)Cholesterol Count (mg)
Big Mac20948422.845.725.648.0
Beef Burger1012437.432.012.716.0
Cheese Burger11529111.332.515.526.0
Double Cheeseburger16243221.833.926.252.0
Quarter Pounder with Cheese19847924.738.826.550.0
Fried Chicken10024114.011.717.152.3
Chicken McNuggets (6 pieces)12034622.616.419.624.0
French Fries (small)7423011.429.73.00.0
Strawberry Sundae1662466.941.54.51.9
Orange Juice12 fl. oz1540.

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