Lime & Coriander Cod Recipe

Few sprays one-calorie spray oil
1 onion chopped
1 tsp chopped garlic
2 limes
75g fresh white breadcrumbs
1 red pepper, deseeded and finely chopped
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
4 x 150g skinless cod fillets
450g baby carrots, trimmed
45og new potatoes, halved
Pre-heat the oven to 200 C. Spray the base and sides of a nonstick frying pan with oil. Fry the onion for a couple of minutes and then throw in the garlic and cook for a further two minutes. Squeeze in the juice of 1 lime.
Tip the onion mixture into a bowl and add the breadcrumbs, red pepper and coriander. Season well and mix together.
Spray some oil on to a nonstick baking sheet and lay the fish on top. Pile the crumb mixture over the fish. Thinly slice the other lime and lay it over the crumb topping.
Cook on the top shelf of the oven for 15 minutes
Meanwhile, boil the carrots and potatoes in lightly salted water, or steam if you prefer. Drain and serve with the fish, garnished with lime wedges and lots of crushed black pepper.
Serves 4
Time to prepare 10 minutes
Time to cook 20 minutes
Calorie Count : 343
Fat : 3.3g per serving

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