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What is Body Mass Index – Find Your BMI

BMI and Body FatIdeal Body Weight

There is no exact correct weight for good health. Instead, there is a healthy weight range and you should aim for a weight somewhere within this.  The BMI Index (Body Mass Index) is the most valid indicator of weight status. It measures your body fat percentage composition – how much of your weight is fat and where that fat is stored in the body.

Studies have shown that men and women from 18 years onwards with BMI Index between 20 and 25 have the least risk of disease and death.  If you have a small frame, you should aim for the lower end of the BMI index healthy weight range; if you are large-framed or exercise a lot , look to higher BMI index level.

BMI Calculation

BMI calculation measures body fat percentage composition by plotting your weight (in kilograms) versus your height (in  metres) squared. BMI Index gives a measure of what is underweight, healthy and overweight by height.

Assess your current BMI and calculate BMI as follows:-

BMI Formula    = Current Weight (kg)      

                                  Height (m) x Height (m)


 BMI Calculation example:-

Current weight = 80kg        Current Height = 1.52 m

BMI    = 80 / (1.52 x 1.52)    = 34.6

BMI of 34.6 means you are obese.  The ideal BMI is 22.


           To convert units :

            1kg    = 2.2 lb

            1 m    = 39.37 in


 Waist circumference as a means of determining body fat

A waist circumference of over 102cm/40in for men and over 88cm/35in for women suggests that there is a serious need to lose weight.

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